Our Mission is "To Increase customer satisfaction by 5 pts by 20xx".

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Responsive Web Design

High quality, responsive Design!

We develop and design websites that are device independent in that the way they look on desktop is the same way data is rendered on the phone or wearable

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We are a full digital agency based in Mbarara. We are experienced professionals in building intelligent applications, mobile solutions. Read more


NobicomLabs has a wide range of products ranging from desktop, mobile, web both already in stock or still under development ,where by you can request for a demo of any product you would want from our stores.

Our Services

Mobile Application Development.

We develop Native mobile applications for the common mobile operating systems available on the Market that is Android, Windows and Ubuntu phone OS.

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System Design / Development

We develop native & Web desktop systems for both windows and linux operating systems " Our Applications are very respnsive depending on the existing screen size without loss of the data layout".

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Cloud Services / Platform as a Service

With the leading Architects we have brought all our services to any businesses in form of providing platform that is Platform as a Service where by businesses can access our architecture.

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Latest From Our Blog

Pixel framework 1.5 released

  • Created: Sun 5th Nov 2017
  • Norbert

Bug fixes and proper implementation on php version less than 5.6 Read more

SalesBook Suite now available in the cloud

  • Created: Sun 5th Nov 2017
  • Norbert

The SalesBook Suite has now been optimised and is now available on the Cloud all over the Country Read more

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